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Fruit Tree Pruning Electric Funds Gradually Come into Our Life

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Fruit Tree Pruning Electric Funds Gradually Come into Our Life

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Fruit tree pruning is also electric.

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Electric pruning scissors are suitable for objects: orchards, greening companies, villas, families, factories, schools, hospitals, etc.

Electric scissors shear range: 25MM hard branch (hard branch: holly, poplar, juniper, juniper, crape myrtle, tea tree, etc.) to 30MM soft branch (soft branch: grape branch)

The basic composition of electric fruit branch scissors is as follows:

1. Electric scissors 2, battery 3, charger 1 4, power cord 1.5 meters long

5. Battery Backpack 6, Maintenance and Adjustment Tool Set 7, Toolbox 1 and Random Documents


The characteristics of electric fruit branch scissors are as follows:

1. Grinding-free blade, made of tungsten steel, durable.

2. Low noise, good fatigue resistance, 8 hours a day continuous work, service life up to 2,000 hours (except for blades for wear and tear)

3. It can be widely used in all kinds of fruit garden producing areas.

4. Reducing the labor intensity of workers in production (using scissors) is also a new measure to strengthen labor protection.

5. The production efficiency of electric scissors is 2-3 times that of traditional manual scissors, thus reducing the number of workers and production costs.

6. Flexible to use, easy to turn, safe and reliable, easy to maintain, and easy to replace blades.

Advantages of Electric Fruit Branch Scissors:

1. Significant energy-saving benefits. This machine only consumes 1 kilowatt-hour electricity for 1.5 hours, which is 0.7 yuan.

2. Higher efficiency: 8-10 times the efficiency of traditional manual pruning. Double-edged knife design, high efficiency of two-way trimming, suitable for trimming or modeling.

3. Good durability and low failure rate. The machine runs smoothly, has simple matching structure, high cutting ability and long service life.

There are fewer failures and it is more convenient to adjust and maintain.

4. The operation performance is stable and the pruning quality can meet the horticultural requirements. The flatness of the canopy surface is better than that of manual pruning, and there is basically no leakage shear.

The tear rate is less than 10%. Close to the natural growth state of hedgerow after pruning, the tree crown is larger, the pruning surface is neat and beautiful, and the germination of buds and leaves is neater than that of manual pruning, and the number of germination is more.

5. Strong Safety Protection Function: Personal/Machinery Safety Protection: Blades follow the wrench, when stuck, circuit self-check

The program will start motor monitoring to protect the motor from burning. Motor protection function (DC brushless motor)

Hall chip switch control is adopted. Re-pressing the trigger position blade will open the blade and then close it. Battery overload and overshoot

Overheating, overdischarge and under-pressure will be protected by the circuit board to maintain normal performance.

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