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Fruit pruning manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the maintenance and pruning of flowers and trees

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Fruit pruning manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the maintenance and pruning of flowers and trees

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Flower planting includes nursery flower planting and engineering seedling planting. Nursery flower planting is a self-built flower production base for property management enterprises in order to facilitate greening management. It is used for seasonal flower cultivation, seedling propagation and flower restoration and maintenance. Flower planting work includes seasonal flower cultivation, shade plant propagation and cultivation, seedling propagation, rejuvenation and maintenance of withdrawn flowers and trees, bonsai production, etc. Now that you know the importance of soil, start learning how to improve it. In this section, you will learn how to detect soil texture and fertility. Then, fruit tree pruning manufacturers will introduce how to improve poor soil. Even if the test results are unsatisfactory, you don't have to worry. Improvement of garden soil is easy to accomplish and belongs to the daily horticultural work.


Flowers and trees can be pruned all year round, but mainly in winter and summer. Summer pruning is mainly in the growth period, the time range is from sprouting new shoots in spring to stopping growing at the end of autumn. During this period, only minor local pruning can be done to cut off the withered or broken branches, so as to maintain the neat and graceful shape of the plant. Winter pruning refers to the pruning during dormancy period. The time range is from the end of autumn when the branches stop growing to the beginning of early spring bud germination. Flowers and trees are divided into seven branches and divided into three parts, which is an important experience in flower cultivation. Through pruning, the branches of flowers and trees can be evenly distributed, nutrients can be saved, consumption can be reduced, tree potential can be regulated, and elongation can be controlled, so that the flowers and trees can be neat, graceful posture and achieve the goal of more blossoms and fruits.

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