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Significance of Tree Digging Shovel in Urban Greening

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Significance of Tree Digging Shovel in Urban Greening

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Significance of Tree Digging Shovel in Urban Greening:

With the development of China's industrial technology, environmental protection has also been paid attention to, so the city's greening work is in full swing. At present, tree digger can dig seedlings with earth balls and transplant trees in a short time. Tree digger shovel is one of the main working parts of tree digger.

Tree-digging shovel works in soil containing gravel, tree roots, weeds and their rhizomes. It suffers great resistance and requires high stiffness and wear resistance of the shovel. At present, the commonly used tree-digging shovel can be divided into U-shaped shovel, arc shovel and straight shovel, and V-shaped shovel and curved shovel according to its shape.

Digging shovel should be simple in structure and easy to manufacture. It should be possible to retain the roots of trees, so as to ensure the survival rate of transplanted trees. Straight shovel has the characteristics of simple structure and easy to manufacture. It has been widely used in tree transplanting machinery at home and abroad.

Tree-digging shovel not only provides tremendous convenience for people to transplant trees (liberate labor force), but also greatly improves the survival rate of trees. Of course, it plays an important role in protecting the environment and improving the coverage of vegetation. It is the most advantageous tool to implement urban greening, ensure the city's ecology and accelerate the construction of urban township greening. Its market demand is quite huge.

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