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What are the categories of common garden saws?

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What are the categories of common garden saws?

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What are the classification of common garden saws?

Cross-cutting saw: As the name implies, cross-cutting saw is used to cut wood horizontally. There are two to four or more serrations per centimeter in the saw blades of a cross-cutting saw, so that the cut wood will have a smooth section. It can be used to cut plywood and cardboard, but also can be used to cut inclined (angular surface).

Coarse-toothed saw: Coarse-toothed saw cuts along the wood texture, called "splitting". There are one or two saw teeth on each centimeter saw blade. Because the serrations of a rough-toothed saw are much wider than those of a cross-cutting saw, it can slice wood like a chisel. Coarse-toothed saws have rough notches, and wood usually needs to be polished to the final size.

Bow saw: The saw blade of the bow saw is thin and fixed at both ends of the saw with pins. There are many kinds of saw blades. The spacing of saw teeth is equivalent to that of rough saw and that of cross-cutting saw.

Saws: Saws are used to cut metals, plastics and pipes.

Power saws: Power saws are scary at first sight, but they do! If used improperly, they can cause damage in a twinkling of an eye. You should always follow the correct safety precautions. After trying to cut several times, you will know how to use it.

Circular saw: A circular saw is a portable electrical tool. It is a power-driven cross-cutting saw or rough-toothed saw. The guide frame on the saw can be adjusted to cut bevels and notches on most building materials. There are many types of saw blades: cross-cutting saw blade, rough-toothed saw blade, stone saw blade, metal saw blade and plastic saw blade. Sawing table is one of the accessories of circular saw. The circular saw can be mounted on the saw table and used as a table saw.

Ridge saw: The back of the ridge saw is reinforced, which makes the blade harder. Its teeth are very dense, a bit like a cross-cutting saw, so the cut surface is smooth. Ridge saw can be used for oblique cutting and processing modeling. It is designed to be used in axle saw boxes, and the reinforced back of the saw acts as a guide.

Bolthole saw: Bolthole saw is equipped with a conical saw blade of 25 to 30 centimeters. It can be used to cut the openings of pipes and electrical boxes. For straight or curved internal cutting, spiral drills, drills or hole saws seem too big, while bolt-hole saws can be used almost easily. High-quality bolt-hole saw is equipped with several removable saw blades, with varying spacing between the saw teeth. It is used for cutting wood, plastic, metal and cardboard materials.

Knife saw: Knife saw, also known as vertical saw, contains a 10 cm saw blade, which can move up and down or back and forth. This portable power tool uses various types of saw blades to meet the requirements of different materials, including wood, metal, plastics, stone, ceramics and high-pressure plates. It is equivalent to a power-driven pinhole saw and a hand saw, which can cut smooth lines or contours vertically or along the texture.

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