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What green garden tools are used in residential property

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What green garden tools are used in residential property

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Which one is good at Xiong Yue Gardening Tool Factory? Dacheng Gardening Tools Company is the first choice!

Nowadays, most of the office workers who live in cities seldom see green plants. That is to say, when we go home, we can occasionally see green belts by the roadside. Faced with this computer every busy day, a little green after work will make our whole mood better. Where is it? Let Xiaobian introduce it to you.

Common tools for greening management include garden tools, garden machinery, chemical fertilizer, pesticides, transportation machinery and so on.

Among them, garden tools refer to non-mechanical garden tools. There are many common garden tools, including cutting tools, sprinkler tools, excavation tools and other auxiliary tools. Cutting tools mainly include branch pruning, common leaf pruning, large grass pruning, vigorous pruning, high branch pruning, high branch saw, cutting saw, knife, axe and so on. Sprinkler garden tools include plumbing trucks, manual high-pressure spray kettle, hand spray kettle, hand sprayer, removable fixed point replenishment, garden sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation equipment, shower and so on.

Excavation tools include shovels, hoes, shovels, rakes and so on.

Other tools include hand fertilizer applicators, shovels or Screwdrivers for weed picking, sand rakes for lawn sand laying, buckets, flower arrangers, ladles, scooters, buckets, etc.

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