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The Use Method of Horticultural Tool Scissors

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The Use Method of Horticultural Tool Scissors

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The usage method of flower scissors for horticultural tools:

When using flower scissors to create, let nature take its course. As Shen Fu said, carefully examine the branches, observe which branch is the most expressive, which is the most beautiful, and the rest of the cut.

(2) Only one branch should be left in parallel with the same direction. It should be cut off with flower scissors in order to avoid monotony.

(3) From the front, overlapping branches and crossing branches in close distance should be cut off appropriately to make them light and varied, lively and not complicated.

(4) Flowers and grass are cut with flower blades, which are easy to insert under knots. Wood should be cut diagonally. When pruning willow and peach branches, the blade should be cut parallel to the branch trunk without leaving any incision. Plum and papaya branches should be cut vertically with the branch trunk.

(5) The length of branches depends on the environment and the size of flower organs and the composition needs.

During the whole process of illustration, we should observe carefully and cut all the redundant branches that hinder the composition and creative expression.

In a word, we should use our own experience and wisdom, make clear-sighted, careful and bold decisions, so as to create beautiful and moving works of art.


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