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Hand tools in horticultural tools

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Hand tools in horticultural tools

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Hand tools in horticultural tools

There are many hand tools for flower shaping and pruning in common horticultural tools, which are mainly divided into scissors, knives, saws and so on.

1. Ordinary pruning usually cuts branches less than 3 cm, as long as the branches are put into the cut, the branches can be cut. When operating, if you hold the scissors with your right hand, then push the thick branch with your left hand toward the direction of the small scissors. Never twist the scissors left or right. Otherwise, the scissors are easy to loosen and the blades are easy to crack.

2. Long handles pruning

There are many taller shrubs in horticulture. In order to stand on the ground and cut off the branches at the top of the shrubs, long handles should be used to prune them. The scissors are crescent-shaped and have long handles, although they have no springs. Therefore, the force of the lever is quite large, and the pruning speed is not slow when each hand holds a scissor handle.

3. High pruning shears cut the twigs at the height. It has a long handle of flexible aluminum alloy or other materials. It can be adjusted with the height of pruning. A nylon rope is tied to the tail of the blade. The pruning is accomplished by pulling the nylon rope. A steel wire spring is also installed between the blade and the shear barrel. When the nylon rope is relaxed, the blade and the sickle-shaped fixed scissors can be separated automatically.

Cheap high pruning is not equipped with a metal handle for retractility, but with a long wooden handle according to the height of pruning. At present, many horticultural units still use this kind of cheap high pruning, which is very inconvenient to use. It is very safe to use high pruning with telescopic aluminium alloy handle without ladder, and some branches can not be cut with ladder. It is easy to use high pruning, but when high pruning is used to cut short, the position of the cutting is often inaccurate.

Jicun Horticultural Tools-Hand Tools in Horticultural Tools

4. Large flat shears, also known as hedge shears, are used to prune hedgerows and shape trees. Its strip blade is long enough to cut off a tree tip, so that the top and side of the hedge can be trimmed flat. Hedgerow shears have thin blades, which can only be used to trim young shoots, but can not prune fully lignified thick branches. If individual thick branches emerge from hedgerow bushes, they should be pruned with ordinary pruning first, and then with hedgerow pruning.

5. Handsaw is used for cutting and pruning large branches with thicker diameters which cannot be pruned by pruning shears. (More than 40mm for hand saw)

6. Grafting knives include grafting knives and budding knives. For the grafting propagation of seedlings and flowers, the grafting knife is generally used for the grafting of some heavily lignified branches, and the budding knife is used for the budding of some tender branches and buds.


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