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How to Prevent Rust and Maintain Horticultural Tools

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How to Prevent Rust and Maintain Horticultural Tools

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How to maintain gardening tools against rust? What are the methods?

Horticultural tools are easy to rust metals and peel off coatings in wet environment, so the place should be dry. If you want to clean horticultural tools, remember not to clean them with boiling water or running water, just wipe them with a wet cloth. If the rust is improperly kept, don't grind it with sandpaper immediately. If the rust is very big, you can clean it with cotton cloth and oil. If the rust is very big, please ask professional technicians to deal with it as far as possible, so that the service life of gardening tools is longer.

The use of horticultural tools is simple and convenient, which brings a lot of convenience to people's lives. Therefore, the maintenance of horticultural tools becomes more and more important. We should pay attention to ways and methods when using them. After using, we should clean the outside, especially the rusty parts, and then dry them and store them in a dry and ventilated place.

As we all know, chemical agents with acidity and alkalinity have corrosive effect on iron. Horticultural tools should be kept away from acid and alkali articles. If they are improperly stained with acid or alkaline articles, they should be washed with water in time, and then dried with cotton cloth. Long-time sunshine can also make the surface paint of horticultural tools discolored or peeled off, and the inner metal oxidized and deteriorated, so they can not be put in the sun for a long time. Direct sunshine.


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