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Clean up the stain on the tool in time after using it.

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Clean up the stain on the tool in time after using it.

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Traditional horticultural tools manufacturers produce products mostly powered by steam (diesel) oil engines, which are noisy, vibrating and polluting the environment, affecting the health of operators, and more unsuitable for use in family houses and courtyards. Nowadays, new products boldly use new ideas and new technologies in production, overcome the above shortcomings, and compounded many functions of greening nursing facilities. They have the advantages of low labor intensity, low cost, multi-purpose machine, convenient operation, good reliability and long life. They can prune fences, nursing lawns, pruning withered trunks on tall landscape trees and so on.

1) Clean thoroughly. After each use, the stain on the tool should be cleaned up and washed with water, but the water on the tool should be wiped or dried before collection, otherwise the tool is easy to rust. After using scissors with wooden handles, linseed oil can be rubbed on the wooden handles to protect them. Tools contaminated with chemicals must be thoroughly cleaned, because chemicals can corrode metal parts. 2) Prevent rusting. After using fruit tree pruning, a piece of oil cloth can be used to wipe the metal part once. Clean cloth can also be used to wipe off the metal part of the tool, and then spray a little rust-proof lubricant. To prevent tool rusting, you can also use a small bucket of sand, pour in a quart of oil, each time before you put the tool away, insert a few times in the sand.

3) grinding and maintenance. With a knife-edged tool such as gardening scissors, you can prepare a grinding stone and a setback knife to grind the tool edge and keep it sharp.

After completing the above pruning and pruning maintenance procedures, please put them in a special cloth bag or toolbox for storage for next use.

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