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Do you know the difference between winter and summer pruning in fruit tree pruning?

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Do you know the difference between winter and summer pruning in fruit tree pruning?

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Fruit tree pruning includes winter pruning and summer pruning.

1. Pruning is mainly to prune elongated branches, drooping branches, dorsal branches, over-dense branches, disease and insect branches and weak twigs. Pruning can control the amount of fruit and improve the quality of fruit trees.

2. Pruning is for fruit tree shaping, pear tree is three main branches evacuation stratified, peach is three main branches open, pomegranate is natural round head.

3. Summer pruning is from June to August. As long as you feel dense, you can prune a part of the branches from the branches to get light, but don't prune the fruiting branches, otherwise you won't eat the fruits.

4. Winter pruning is mainly short pruning, that is, cutting a part of the branches from the top, 1/3 or 1/2, in order to promote the growth of fruit trees, reduce the results, but also pruning part of the fruiting branches, because there is a causal relationship between the fruit tree results, more fruit will be smaller.

After planting, the tree tray should be repaired immediately so that it can be watered and watered thoroughly on the same day. After a week, water the soil according to its moisture content to ensure that the soil is not short of water. After planting large size seedlings, in order to prevent the tree body from tilting after watering, triangular support with sticks should be carried out in time. This method is particularly important for evergreen trees and windy places. After planting pruned flowers and shrubs, dry and dead branches should be cut off in time, damaged and bruised branches should be truncated, and perennial branches should be retracted properly to promote the germination of new branches. After planting hedgerows, they should be trimmed to make them neat and beautiful.

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